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8 Tips For Becoming A Successful Comedian In This Industry
  • November 24, 2017
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Being a comedian is hard. Being an aspiring comedian is even harder. Comedians need to let go of their state of mind and entertain their audience. All their dialogues, conversations and statements need to flow out effortlessly. The best in this industry have beautifully mastered the art of masking their true self. Read on & absorb some great and effective tips, if being a successful comedian is your dream.

1. Make People Laugh:
Make people laugh during the course of your normal day, be it friends, colleagues, family or even your domestic help. Bringing a smile on another’s face should come naturally to you. People may be in their worst mood, but your presence should lighten the atmosphere. The best way to incorporate this is by truly embracing happiness and by giving to your surroundings.

2. Own The Stage:
Get on the stage and feel comfortable standing there. The stage is your home and therefore standing on it should not feel like a job. To be honest, this may not be true but this is something you definite-ly need to master and exhibit to your audience.

3. Practise:
It’s like most things, saying something funny, spontaneously, requires persistence and practice. Think of it like a muscle, the more you do it, the better you will shape. Imagine picking up heavy weights without prior practise. You will either tear your muscle or never lift a weight again. Same applies to humour as your profession. Comedians require undying dedication. We know you have it!

4. Ignore The Critics:
Another important tip, if you have faith in your work, skill and presence, ignore the rest. People will say all kinds of things. This, either due to jealousy or possessing a varying sense of humour. If your audience naturally smiles in your presence, we say, you have nothing to worry. Simply smile too!

5. Hecklers Are Insignificant:
The louts that shout out at gigs tend to think they possess the best intellect and humour. Let people make noise, comment and joke around. In fact, if you are enjoying it too, engage in a verbal banter. Or else, learn to exercise self control and ignorance.

6. Find Your Niche:
Understand yourself, your inner passion and what you truly enjoy. Humour is a broad term but can be further bifurcated into multiple genres. You can purposefully search for your own style of come-dy or it develops through stage time. Read up, follow the work of other comedians and pick that which comes naturally to you. Stick to it and soar!

7. Stay Committed:
However easy and glamorous this line may seem, we know it and you know it, it’s hard. And just gets harder with time. Commitment to yourself and your work is your first priority. As a comedy actor, you need to be a cent percent committed to the dialogue, physical actions, script, jokes, tech-nique, and especially the characters. It takes just as much diligence to do comedy as it does to do drama, perhaps way more.

8. Enjoy Yourself:
Be confident and bring on the funny! If you’re enjoying, you’ll feel a surge of energy within that will bring out your best and most enthusiastic performance. It will get you to the “louder, faster, funnier” that defines comedy. Also, do realise that if you’re having fun, the casting director, the writer, the producer, and ultimately the audience will have a gala time with you, and that will take you a step closer to success.

We have revealed the secrets of surviving through and eventually thriving with this as your profes-sion. So if humour is your calling, why wait?

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