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Embrace Being a “Yes” in the Film Industry
  • November 24, 2017
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Have you ever noticed that there are a set of people in your industry who only receive a yes and nothing else. Be it auditions, dream roles, experimentation or a producer’s backing. Yes, definitely, they do possess talent but beyond that they own this pleasing aura around them. We feel positive, accepted and supported in their presence. Whereas, with a few others, we feel shut down and drained.

So, what is a “yes” person, you ask? And why is it so significant? It starts with the right kind of attitude. Being a “yes” means, you execute from a place full of satisfaction yet abundance. Definitely, this can be easier said than done, but it really is a choice. A “yes” person is giving. A “no” person withholds to a great extent. A “yes” person looks at the glass as being half-full. A “no” person thinks it’s half-empty. Stemming from this, a couple of renowned industry directors adopt the mantra of “praise to success.” Of course, it is necessary to criticize actors when their performance does not align with your film script or the benchmark placed in your head. But there is a method of peacefully doing so. Praise them first and then seamlessly introduce criticism. In this manner, the actors will be more receptive to any kind of criticism and will make necessary changes with a smile on their face.

“Yes” is usually inclusive. “No” is more or less exclusive. If you are someone who is a “yes” you happily include and are included. If you are a “no” you tend to exclude, and well, are excluded. You can be a “yes” even when your answer is “no.” You will now ask, how? Well, if you’ve ever gotten a “no” from someone but felt great even as you were being rejected, you know what we are talking about. How did they do it? The key to being a “yes” even as you say “no” is to be warm, supportive, generous, looking for things to acknowledge and praise, even though your answer in that moment is “no.” You also do not need to explain why it is a “no.” You can simply say that it’s not a fit for you right now. The role will come to you in the future if need be. Maybe you require some level of training and brushing up. Maybe a more exciting role is in store of you.

Being a “yes” attracts the right kind of true believers. Getting to who are true believers? They are people who have their antenna out for jobs for you. They are well aligned with you and your potential. With this in mind, your career growth is directly proportionate to the quantity and quality of your true believers in this world. The more people who have their antenna out for jobs for you, well, the more jobs you’ll have! The biggest question here, how do you get more of these true believers? As simple as it sounds, be a “yes”, and it all shall follow. By being a “yes” you create room for more & more around you. Be genuine, accept your flaws, understand the underlying meaning of scripts and be generous. Learn to live in the present of the situation, as well as, your true self. We assure you, surprises will follow.

So what are you waiting for? Time is running out of your hands, start by saying “yes” to being a “yes” person! Abundance will follow.

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