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How to look relaxed in headshots
  • February 22, 2018
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A headshot is an important element of an actor’s portfolio and it is only effective when it is helping narrate a story. A headshot should help bring forth marketability and relatability of an actor. You do not want to be looking like a deer caught in the headlights and therefore it is imperative to come across as relaxed and bring forth your real personality in your headshots. Here our some tips to help you achieve that!

1. Make your headshot session into a lesson in acting
The eyes are the crucial factor in a headshot. A performance always looks more interesting and engaging when there is a purpose behind it. As it is rightly said, eyes are the windows to a soul; it is the eyes that tell the true story behind how honest or authentic a person is really feeling in a situation. Whilst some actors use their imagination, some would like to pull from a past experience and translate that onto the screen. No matter what you choose it must mean something to you. Avoid being vague in your thoughts, as your eyes would reveal that easily.

2. Get into the groove of the character with music
Music certainly invokes emotions in a person. People relate to different kinds of music differently and it brings out a varied set of memories and emotions in people.
No matter what role you are emulating try to create a playlist to match that mood so you can bring forth those emotions in your shoot. If you are emulating a Rowdy Rathore you don’t want to be listening to songs from a Devdas. So be true to the character to tap into your emotional reservoir.

3. Be a natural in front of the camera
As an actor it’s important to be natural when facing the lens and one must instead be engaging with the camera like you would in a normal conversation. Staring at a single point gets immensely creepy and therefore you must pick the two points to concentrate at on the camera lens. This would add life to an otherwise creepy and static stare. You don’t want to come across like a serial killer but instead as an enterprising and charming individual.

4. Avoid being a poser
Photography is to tell a story. Likewise your headshot should tell yours. Therefore it is advisable to not hold a pose whilst waiting to get clicked by the photographer. A good shot would be one where you are focusing on the act and the sentiment behind the picture whilst the photographer captures that timeless moment!

5. Holding your breath or being stiff is a complete no-no!
Its natural to be nervous in a photo session but focusing on your breath would help you channel your inner calmness by being conscious of your breath! Many at times, actors tend to hold their breath before the camera click making them look stiff. With today’s camera technology movement can be captured beautifully therefore you should be freer in front of the lens to express yourself better. Moving like you would in a normal conversation will give you a more natural shot thereby making you more look attractive rather than boring!

All in all it’s important to have fun whilst doing these shoots so that it can translate into the picture! As they say a picture is worth a thousand words you want to ensure yours speaks the best ones so do what you love to do: perform.

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