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  • November 24, 2017
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1. Memorize it by rote:

Read-Repeat-Read-Repeat-Read! The most conventional medium of memorizing hardly fails. Just make sure to add relevant expressions when you emote in front of the camera. That is what acting is about. It shouldn’t feel like you are just reading out of a script like a robot

2. Pen it down:

Another conventionally vetted idea is to pen down the main pointers. According to a research, that helped you remember things 45% better

3. Empathize and emulate your characters thought process:

‘Character mein raho’ may be your most heard phrase soon. So why not prepare yourself for it already? Being in the character is meant to begin as soon as you pick that script in your hands. That is when you meet the character you have to play for the first time and it will be the best to start building a rapport right there! This will only help the two of you be inseparable, always.

4. Roaming Mode:

Silly as it may sound, but, hundreds of people will vouch for the fact that moving around while memorizing has some magical powers. Infact, try doing some activities too- cook, clean or indulge in any activity that interests you. There may not be a scientific explanation to it, but, it does help. By the way, scientific research do suggest that the hormone related to memory is most active empty stomach, early in the morning. Try.

5. Don’t Breakdown- Just Break It down:

Memorizing is always easier when you break down your script into chunks. Learn some in the day and the balance at night or with some gap in between, providing your brain some time to absorb the content.

6. Record-fie:

Like a selfie saves a memory forever, record-fie as we like to call it can be a good way to playback your lines to yourself while you go to bed.

7. Breathe in, breathe out, relax

A calm mind is the best storehouse for important information. It also helps one to focus. You lose focus; you lose your lines too! So hold on, don’t let go.

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