Song - “The word immediately touches a chord in the heart”.

Wherever in the world, you are, even a line or tune of a song can transport you to a different world. The world of memory be it a moment of love, pain, revolution, celebration or just fun…it is an integral part of the journey called life….and if you are Indian, then I am sure that every precious moment can be marked with a song as it is definitely part and parcel of our socio-political and cultural ethos. Each community and State of our country has its own songs that speak for itself. No wonder Tagore wrote ‘Nana bhaasha nana mawt nana paridhan, bibidher maajhe dyakho milan mahaan’ (multiple languages, multiple opinions, multiple attire, within the diversities observe the great similarity)

India, the land of diversity has, over the decades, produced millions and zillions of songs and singers…classical, folk, pop, hip hop, rock…. You name them, we have them. From the remote villages to the concrete pavements of the city we have the gamut of singers. This has helped our entertainment Industry to create multiple platforms for unknown to become known which in turn had become a career option for both young and old.

Today, it has expanded to the digital platform and everyday fresh spring of talents are emerging on television, stage, and events.

However, we still have more singer job openings, who are yet to be discovered and brought to limelight.

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